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Enrollment steps:

1. Start by calling the main campus at 863-800-0755 to give background information on your child and schedule an interview & tour.

2. Meet with the principal or assistant principal. During this meeting, we will provide information on our program, give a tour and screen your child for eligibility.

3. If accepted to enroll, meet again to sign a tuition contract and pick up enrollment paperwork.

4. When all enrollment paperwork is returned and first month tuition is paid, the student will be fully enrolled.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is combination of a "base" tuition and any supplemental tuition. Supplemental tuition is based on a need for additional services. Tuition can range from $10,000 - $27,000 depending on the age and needs of the student.

Base Tuition

Elementary (PreK - 5th)                             - $13,000

Middle (6th - 8th)                                         - $12,000

High school underclass (9th - 10th)        - $12,000

High school upperclass (11th - 12th)        - $11,000

High school transition (12+)                       - $10,000

Supportive*                                                    - $15,000

Supplemental Tuition for Additional Services

Assistance with toileting                                      - $2,000

Modified curriculum                                             - $3,000

Assistance with mobility/feeding/safety          - $3,000

Complex medical needs                                      - $2,000

Behavior intervention                                           - $2,000

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