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Life Skills Academy's therapy department is dedicated to facilitating each child’s maximum independence, communicative abilities, and academic skills by using innovative programs that combine an educational and medical model.  We provide the highest quality pediatric rehabilitation including comprehensive, individualized treatment that focuses on realistic goals.  Our team of occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists provide personalized activities that optimize each child’s potential according to their individual abilities. 

These services are provided as part of our every-day education program, based on your child’s need and recommendations made on their previous IEP or our school’s in-house ISP (Individualized Service Plan).  We also offer therapy through your child’s insurance provider* which will provide additional hours of therapy services to those provided through the educational model.  These services also take place during the school day to help minimize the need for travel to and from therapy services outside our facility.   

Please contact Genola Cablish, Director of Therapy Services @ for further information regarding what is needed for your child to receive medical therapy services at our school.   

* Please note: not all policies cover therapy services

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