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With functional independence as the ultimate objective, goals are tailored to each child’s strengths and personal needs. We understand this means something different for every child, so we have 3 “tracks” that each student will enter between 8th and 9th grade: Academic, Vocational, or Life Skills.  

Leading up to this important decision, we place a heavy focus on well-rounded academics, social skills, communication and meeting developmental milestones. However, if a student, their family and their team choose the Vocational or Life Skills track, we shift focus to whatever skills are most important to maximize the student’s ability to care for themselves in the most meaningful way available to them. Some examples of skills targeted in the various tracks include: 

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  • Math for the job site 

  • GED prep (General Education Development) 

  • Interview skills 

  • Varied work experiences through Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • Social and behavioral expectations on the job 


Life Skills: 

  • Self care (hygiene, health, self-advocacy) 

  • Simple meal preparation 

  • Basic home care: how to do laundry, make a bed, do dishes, etc 

  • Basic math: telling time, counting money 

  • Communication skills to meet wants and needs 

  • Community navigation: using the bus, going to the post office, utilizing a coin laundry, etc 

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